About VIDA

Proud Member of MDMAVIDA Diagnostics is a leader in clinically-validated quantitative pulmonary analysis services and software.

Founded by four University of Iowa faculty members, Eric Hoffman, Ph.D., Geoffrey McLennan, M.D., Ph.D., Joseph Reinhardt, Ph.D. and, Milan Sonka, Ph.D., VIDA Diagnostics is based on research associated with the UI’s Iowa Comprehensive Lung Imaging Center and on core technology licensed from the UI Research Foundation.

VIDA Diagnostics is actively involved with the Quantitative Imaging and Imaging Biomarker (QIBA) initiative, and financially supports the work.

QIBA is an initiative to advance quantitative imaging and the use of imaging biomarkers in clinical trials and clinical practice by engaging researchers, healthcare professionals and industry . This involves:

  • collaborating to identify needs, barriers, and solutions to develop and test consistent, reliable, valid, and achievable quantitative imaging results across imaging platforms, clinical sites, and time.
  • accelerating the development and adoption of hardware and software standards needed to achieve accurate and reproducible quantitative results from imaging methods.